Other Information of Chamba

Check Post

The Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Chamba has established one check post at Tunu Hatti to record the arrival and dispatches of agricultural produce and to collect the compound fee etc.

Method of sale

The fruits and vegetables brought by the local growers as well as brought by the traders from outside the district are sold by mutual negotiations. The market hours are from 600hrs to 2000hrs. The market is closed on Sundays.

Market Year

The market year is from 1st April to 31st March.

Dissemination of Market Information

The daily whole sale rates of 24 Notified Agricultural Produce are sent to the Director of Agriculture, Himachal Pradesh, Shimla-5, which are broadcast on AIR Shimla daily. The APMC Chamba is also linked with AGMARKNET portal, where any farmer can excess the arrival and prices in the market. The Electric display board / Tickker Board also display the market rates.

Other facilities extended to the producer

Farmers Awareness Camps

The Agriculture Produce Market Committee organizes farmers awareness camps at district, block and village level for 300, 200 & 100 farmers respectively. These camps are organized for creating awareness among the farmers regarding better post harvest practices and marketing of their produce. during the year 2009-10 the APMC organized farmers awareness camps at Singi in Chamba, Jhullara in Churah, Parchor in Bhattiyat and Bharmaur in Bharmaur assembly constituencies.

Name and address of the APIO under RTI Act.

Name : Bhola Singh

Address : Secretary, Agricultural Produce Market Committee,