Other Information of Kangra

Check Post

Market Committee has established two check posts, one at Sunehat and other at Kandwal for recording arrival & despatches of agriculture produce and collection of compound fees.

Method of Sale

Method of sale is by open auction / mutual negotiation (maximum fruits & Vegetables are brought by the traders in the market from out side the state / distt.). Whenever the local produce is brought into the market by local producers in bulk , it is put to open auction for sale.

Dissemination of Market Information

Daily whole sale rates of 32 notified agricultural produce items are sent to the Director of Agriculture Shimla-5,which are broadcasted on All India Radio, Shimla daily. Apart from Akashvani now Doordarshan Shimla is also telecasting the market rates .This market has also been linked with AGMARKNET portal where any farmer can ascess the arrival and prices in this market alongwith other markets in the country. This website (www.agmarknet.nic.) is very useful website for the farmers, extension workers and researchers.Recently Tickker Board has also been installed in Market Yard Kangra wherein daily rates of important vegetables,fruits and cereals are also being displayed .

Farmer Awareness Camps

Agricultural Produce Market Committee also organizes farmer awareness camps for creating awareness among the farmers regarding better post harvest practices and marketing of their produce, grades and standards etc.


Name and Address of the APIO under RTI

Sh. Jeet Singh ,

Secretary ,Agricultural Produce Market

Committee, Kangra Distt.Kangra (H.P.)