Other Information of Mandi

Details of Check Posts Established

The APMC, Mandi has established 7 nos. of Check Posts to collect compound fee from non-licensee traders in the Notified Area. The following Check Posts have been established to check the unauthorized trade of Agricultural Produce.

Sr. No. Name of Check Post. Type(Year Round) Market Fees (in RS)    Remarks If Any
2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 (upto 31.07.14)
1 Pungh Year Round 1671574.00  3189683.00 334178.00  
2 Tattapani Year Round 1774806.00 5702001.00 890946.00  
3 Ghatta Year Round 443248.00 374054.00 36866.00  
4 Tatahar Year Round 102682.00 103583.00 30070.00 Closed w.e.05.07.2014
5 Awhadevi Year Round 9400.00 0.00 0.00 Closed during May,2012
6 Banoha Year Round 15675.00 0.00 16660.00 Closed w.e.f. 05.07.2014

Method of Sale of Agricultural Produce in the Yard.

Method of sale is adopted by open auction and negotiation. Maximum quantity of fruits and vegetable is brought by the traders in the market from out side the district. Where as local produce is brought to the market by the local farmers in bulk quantity and it is put to open auction for sale.

Dissemination of Market Information

Daily Whole Sale Rates of 24 Notified Agriculture Produce items are being sent to the Director of Agriculture and H.P. State Agricultural Marketing Board, Shimla which are transmitted & broadcasted daily on All India Radio, Shimla. The daily prices of important Markets with respect to Seasonal Agricultural Produces are also shown on the notice board for the benefit of farmers. The Daily Market Rates of Fruits and Vegetables in respect of Market Yards Dhanotu, Mandi (Kangni), Chailchowk and Takoli are being disseminating through Internet and also publishing in the following Daily News Papers :-

1. Amar Ujala.

2. Punjab Kesari.

3. Hindghosh (Local Daily)

2 Nos. Ticker Boards have also been provided by the Forward Market Commission and these have been installed at PMY Mandi (Kangni) and SMY Dhanotu for the benefits of the farmers and commission agents. The daily rates of different Agricultural Commodities are displayed.

Facilities provided by The APMC, Mandi to the Producers/ Farmers

(a) Organization of Farmers Training Camps.

Farmer Training Camps are being organized in the District to provide latest technology to the farmers for higher production, grading, packing, storage and marketing of their produce with the cordial co-operation of Marketing Experts from Universities and Departments of Agriculture and Horticulture.

(b) Distribution of Plastic Crates.

Plastic Crates were being provided to the farmers on subsidized cost to bring their Agricultural Produces in the Market Yard in good condition after grading which are perishable in nature. By providing plastic crates the transportation of their produce also becomes safer and easier. During the past years APMC, Mandi has distributed plastic crates to the farmers.

(c) Construction of road/path in the inaccessible area.

The APMC, Mandi has spent an amount of Rs. 1 Crores during the past years for the construction of link roads as per the need of the Fruits and Vegetable producing inaccessible area so that farmers can easily bring their produce by different modes of transportation to the nearby Market.

(d) Collection Center :-

The transportation facilities in hill area is not available at every place. Hence the produce of farmers remains in open and the danger of theft, rains, sun, etc. may be there. In such area a scheme of Collection Center has been started to collect the Agricultural Produces of the farmers at one place for further transportation to the consuming markets. The APMC, Mandi has started the selection of suitable sites for the establishment of Collection Centers.

S.No Name Of Collection Center Year Of Establishment
1 Kataula 2011
2 Janjehali 2011
3 Tikken(Barot) 2011
4 Leda 2014
5 Rohanda 2014

Name & Address :


APMC, Mandi (Kangni),

Distt. Mandi, H.P. (175001)