Other Information of Una

Check Posts

APMC, Una don’t have any check post as of now but efforts are being made to establish the barriers at important points.

Marketing Season for 10 important commodities

Sr. No. Crop Marketing Season
1 Cauliflower October – March
2 Bottle gourd March- August
3 Tomato April – July
4 Bitter gourd April – September
5 Cucumber March – September
6 Brinjal April – September
7 Potato November- March
8 Water Melon April – June
9 Onion April – July
10 Carrot October - March

Method of Sale

Method of sale is by open auction/ negotiation. Market hours are 6 AM to 10 AM.

Dissemination of Market Information

Daily wholesale rate of 24 notified agricultural Produce items are sent to the Directorate of Agri. Himachal Pradesh which are broadcasted daily on All India Radio, Shimla. In addition, Doordarshan Kendra – Shimla also telecasts the market rates twice a week. The market has also been linked with AGMARKNET portal where any user can access the arrivals and prices of any market in the country. Price ticker boards have been installed in the yards of APMC Una which displays the rates of important commodities of Una markets and other important markets. Besides this daily rates of important commodities are published in popular news papers.


A) Farmer Awareness Camps

APMC also organizes farmer training camps for creating awareness among them regarding the adoption of better and latest post harvest practices and marketing of their agricultural produce. Guest lectures from Agriculture. Horticulture, Animal Husbandry & KVK Departments are arranged for updating the farmer community about the latest developments. Farmers are made aware of various schemes of State and centre Government for the farming community. Benefits of regulation in agriculture marketing. The detail of farmers awareness camps held during the last ten years is as under:

S.no Venue of the Camp Date No of Farmers Trained
1. Village Spouri Tehsil Amb Distt. Una 22-02-2004 100
2. Village Pirthipur Tehsil Amb Distt. Una 19-03-2005 110
3. Village Abada Barana Tehsil & Distt. Una 23-03-2005 112
4 Village Bathu Tehsil Haroli Distt. Una 15-05-2005 100
5 Village Basal Tehsil & Distt. Una 22-09-2008 203
6. Village Nangran Tehsil & Distt. Una 23-09-2008 202
7. Village Kad Tehsil Amb Distt. Una 04-03-2009 204
8. Village Bhadsali Tehsil & Distt. Una 29-03-2010 101
9. Village Kotla Khurd Tehsil & Distt. Una 19-03-2011 208
10. Village Panjawar Tehsil & Distt. Una 20-10-2011 207
11. Village Saloh Teh Haroli&Distt. Una 30-09-2014 200


Apni Mandi/Janta Mandi is a platform where farmers directly sell their produce to the consumers. In the process farmers realize better prices and consumers get fresh vegetables and fruits at reasonable rates

C)Apni Mandi/ Janta Mandi locations and days are as under

S.no Location of Apni/Janta Mandi Days on which Mandi functions
1. Principal Market Yard Una 10th and 25th of every month( wholesale market remains close on these dates)
2. Rakkar Colony, Una-Chandigarh Road Every Monday and Friday
3. Mehatpur Every Wednesday and Friday



  • Covered auction platform and water tank was constructed by APMC for Fisheries Cooperative Society Dobar.
  • Agri inputs shops at Principal Market yard Una
  • Price ticker Boards have been installed in the yards of APMC in collaboration with Multi commodity Exchange


Four collection centres were constructed near polyhouse clusters Consistent increase in the revenue of APMC


Proposals to set up New Market yards at Haroli and kalruhi
Distribution of PVC Crates to fruit and Vegetable growers.
Construction of Collection centres near Polyhouse Clusters
Grain Market complex


Agricultural Produce Market Committee,

Una Distt. Una (H.P.)PIN-174303.