Assistant Auction Recorder

  1. To start and record the Auction on Form P.
  2. To assist in the proper implementation of the provision of the Act, Rules and Bye Laws and ensure all the forms as per the Rules.
  3. To collect, compile, upload & disseminate all market information on prices, arrivals, dispatch, import and export etc. 
  4. To ensure issue of proper sale voucher for the seller in FORM ‘R’ under Rule 30 (17), Bill of the Commission Agent in FORM ‘Q’ under rule 30 (15) and  (16) and agreement between the buyer and seller in “form T” under rule 32.
  5. To ensure proper checking of Auction and register in Form S under Rule 31 (7) in the private market yard.
  6. To maintain the Register of sale and purchase of agricultural produce on FORM ‘W’ under rule 37 (2).
  7. To maintain gate register, where need be.
  8. To collect market fee where need be and to maintain account of market fee in Dealer Ledger.
  9. To collect rent of the shops etc. of the APMC.
  10. Any other duty assigned by the Secretary of the APMC.
  11. Any other duties which may be assigned by the authorities from time to time.