Managing Director

  1. To exercise supervision and control over officers and staff of the Board in matters of executive administration, concerning accounts and records and disposal of all questions relating to the service of the employees in accordance with the procedure as may be prescribed.
  2. To incur expenditure from the Marketing Development Fund on the sanctioned Items of work.
  3. Has the same powers as are conferred under the financial rules of the State government on the Head of the Department and exercise such other powers and discharge such other duties as may be prescribed.
  4. Has the power to transfer employees of one Committee to the Board and vice-versa on administrative grounds.
  5. In case of emergency, direct the execution or stoppage of any work and doing  of any act which requires the sanction of the Board.
  6. To prepare annual budget of the Board.
  7. To arrange for internal audit of the Board.
  8. To arrange for the meeting of the Board and maintain records of the proceedings of the meetings of the Board in accordance with the procedure as may be prescribed.
  9. To take such steps as deemed necessary for execution of the decision of the Board.
  10. To inspect the construction work undertaken by the Committees either from their own funds or loans and or grants provided by the Board or any other agencies and take corrective measures.
  11. To report such acts either of the Committees or of the Board which are contrary to the provisions laid down under this Act or rules and bye-laws made there under to the State Government.
  12. To take such steps as deemed necessary for effective discharge of the functions of the Board.