Senior Assistant

  1. Creation, continuation and up gradation of posts.
  2. Recruitment, Promotion & Confirmations.
  3. Finalization of Recruitment & Promotion Rules.
  4. Preparation of Pension Cases, Gratuity, GIS and other retiring benefits.
  5. Pay fixation, grant of Prop. & Selection Grade etc.
  6. Grant of incentive.
  7. Court Cases.
  8. Disciplinary Cases.
  9. Assembly Business.
  10. Annual Administration Report relating to Establishment Branch.
  11. Postings & Transfers and General Orders.
  12. Seniority Lists of all category of employees.
  13. Audit Paras relating to Establishment Branch.
  14. General Instructions on the above subjects.
  15. Miscellaneous complaints.
  16. Creation, appointment and R&P Rules etc. under Disaster Management Scheme.
  17. Cases relating to all establishment matters pertaining to HPSAMB.
  18. Correspondence relating to holding of meetings of Board.
  19. Maintenance of File Index Register.
  20. Maintenance of Assistant Diary.
  21. Maintenance of Personal Files and Service Books of all category of staff.
  22. Correspondence relating to CPF.
  23. Correspondence files of all Departments on miscellaneous matters.
  24. Grant of increments to all category of employees.
  25. Correspondence files of all Department on miscellaneous matters.
  26. Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Annual Reports and Returns.
  27. Dealing with Stores/Stock.
  28. Dealing with cash.
  29. Welfare of Scheduled Castes/scheduled Tribes-Reports.
  30. Grant of Casual Leave/Compensatory Leave and other Leaves.
  31. Maintenance of Attendance Registers.
  32. Deployment of Class-IV staff.
  33. English Typing/Hindi Typing/Computerization.
  34. Maintenance of Assistant Diary.
  35. Maintenance of Guard Files.
  36. Any other duties which may be assigned by the authorities from time to time.