Senior Marketing Officer

  1. To undertake state level planning for development of markets and approve proposals for constructing infrastructure facilities in the market area such as grading, pack houses, storages, processing, other post harvest management facilities etc.
  2. To undertake marketing extension activities in the Board for the transfer of marketing technology and extension services besides making necessary arrangements for propaganda and publicity or matters related to regulated marketing of agricultural produce and development of marketing.
  3. Arrange or organize seminars, workshops/exhibitions etc. on the subject of agricultural marketing.
  4. To organize and promote grading and standardization of notified agricultural produced and e-trading.
  5. To set up an Agricultural Produce Marketing Standardization Bureau to perform such function and duties as may be prescribed for the purpose of motion of grading standardization and quality certification of produce.
  6. To set up and promote public private partnership in the management of markets.
  7. To promote public-private partnership for carrying out extension activities in its area viz collection, maintenance and dissemination of information in respect of production, sale, storage, processing, prices and movement of notified agricultural produce.
  8. Implementation of Agricultural and Horticulture Produce Marketing (Development and Regulation) Act, 2005.
  9. Any other duties which may be assigned by the authorities from time to time.