Trusted Area

Strengthening of Market Yards

Keeping in view the the present needs of the farmer, strengthening of existing market yards is of prime importance. The most of the principal market yards/sub yards constructed by the Board/Market Committees lack the modern marketing facilities to provide better marketing infrastructures and are congested. There is an urgent need to strengthen these yards and provide modern marketing facilities. Marketing Board has started this work on priority basis.

Human Resource Development

The Human Resources and Resource Development is an ability to improve the skill of the manpower, usually learned , to perform actions of Interpersonal communication like speech: Listening, talking, interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication, literacy: writing, reading and it is an important tool for the development of an organization. HPSAMB has taken HRD also in its thrust areas.

Efficient and better marketing

Himachal Pradesh State Agricultural Marketing Board is committed to provide efficient and better marketing for the growth of farmers, buyers & sellers by mobilization of resources, with the mission to eradicate the malpractices in the markets, along with better regulation of purchase, sale, storage & processing of Agricultural Produce.


Advancement in Information and Communication Technology has made the world a smaller place and a larger market at one go. To fully utilize the new emerging trade opportunities for the benefit of farming community in Himachal Pradesh, HPSAMB and APMCs are being equipped with computer network in a phased manner.