Kangra is the most populous district of the Indian state of HimachaL Pradesh. Dharamshala is the administrative headquarters of the district. Kangra district has the highest number of 3,869 villages among the 12 district of the state. The economy of Kangra district is mainly depends on agriculture. It has returned 303,007 persons as cultivators and holds the 2nd position among the districts of the state. Kangra district occupies the 2nd position in terms of sex ratio among the districts of the state with 1,012 females per 1,000 males as compared to 972 females per 1,000 males of state average. It is situated in Western Himalayas between latitude 312'-325" N, longitude 75-7545' E. The elevation above the sea level of Kangra district is in the range of 427 to 6,401 meters. The district is spread over 5,739 km2 having about 216643 hectare of land, out of which 195738 hectare is under cultivation. In this district, river Beas flows through distance of 94.00 km. The soil characteristic is both sandy & loamy. The climate of district is pleasant around the year except in plains like Nurpur, Indora, Fatehpur areas where temperature may raise up to 40 C in the month of May/June. Monsoon sets in the first week of July and continues till mid September.

Dhauladhar zone includes mid hill sub humid areas and the zone stretches through Baijnath, Deol, Bandla, Palampur, Nagri, Jia, Khaniara ,Dharamshala, Groh etc. i.e. the areas adjacent to western himalyas .Temperate & chir pine forest are predominant .Average rainfall is 1500 mm. Wheat,Maize,Paddy,Potato are the main agricultural crops. Stone fruits are the main horticultural crops. Soils are acidic in nature. Sheep, goat, cow are domestic animals.

Valley region of Kangra distt. comprises of Palam, Kangra and Nurpur. Wheat, Paddy, Millets, Potato & vegetable are mainly grown in the region. Citrus, Litchi and Mango are main horticultural crops.

Kangra Shivalik foothill region includes the area of Pragpur where as beas basin area are lying along the sides of Beas river. Citrus ,Mango and litchi are the main horticultural crops. Khair is mostly found in the region. Cows and buffalo are main domestic animals. Average rainfall is 1100 mm. Soils are almost neutral. Wheat, Maize, Paddy, Pulses, Oilseeds are the main agricultural crops.