District Sirmaur is located in outer Himalayas which is commonly known as Shivalik range. This district is bounded by district Shimla in North Uttrakhand in East, Haryana in South and Distt. Solan in North-West. Like other parts of Himachal Pradesh , it has beautiful landscapes, bracing climate, big and small game and legendry temples which hold abiding attraction for the tourists.

The river Giri is the biggest river in the district which originates from Kotkhai/ Jubbal Tehsil of Shimla district and flows down in the south-east direction. It ultimately joins the river Yamuna near Paonta Sahib. Lot of tributaries join this river in its long course, most important of them being Jalal river which originates from Dharthi range near Pachhad and joins the Giri River at Dadahu from the right side. The river Giri is very useful as it a big source of livelihood fishermen in this district. Another important river which forms the eastern border of the Sirmour district is the river Tons.In this District, there are Six Administrative Sub Divisions, Nine tehsils, Four sub tehsils, Six community development blocks, two municipal committees and one notified area committee. Out of 228 panchayats in this district, 26 are backward declared panchayats.

Sirmaur is located located in outer Himalayas Himalayas which is commonly known as Shivalik range. It is the southern-most district of Himachal Pradesh having a geographical area of 2825 sq km. The district has its headquarter at Nahan and lies between North latitude 3101'00" to 3022'00" and East longitude 7701'00" to 7750'00" and is covered by Survey of India degree -sheets 53 F and 53 E. Sirmaur is bound by Solan district towards West and Shimla district towards North. The district district has inter -state boundary boundary in the South with the State of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh and in the East with Uttarakhand. District Sirmaur- An Introduction Description 2001 2011 Actual Population 458,593 530,164 Male 241,299 276,801 Female 217,294 253,363 Population Population Growth 20.78 % 15.61 % Area Sq. Km 2,825 2,825 Density/km2 162 188 Proportion to Himachal Pradesh Population 7.55% 7.73% Sex Ratio (Per 1000) 901 915 Child Sex Ratio (0-6 Age) 934 931 Average Literacy 70.39 79.98 Male Literacy 79.36 86.76 Female Literacy 60.37 72.55 District Sirmaur.