Assistant Engineer

  1. To plan and execute all the civil construction works of concerned APMCs/. Marketing Board as per the requirement and decision of the Board
  2. To check the feasibility of proposal/drawings at site.
  3. To get prepared the estimates for obtaining necessary financial approval of the competent authority.
  4. To float tenders for various construction works up to Rs.0.50 lac and to process the same for getting finalized after completing all codal formalities.
  5. To Award the Works and to enter into agreements with the Contractors.
  6. To give lay out at the time of commencement of the work at site.
  7. To ensure timely execution of works, inspection of works, exercise test checks, billing and processing for payments thereof.
  8. To monitor the working of the Junior Engineers working under the area of control.
  9. Any other duties which may be assigned by the authorities from time to time.