Executive Engineer

  1. To plan and execute all the construction works of APMCs/Marketing Board in the State as per decision of the Board.
  2. To finalize the plans and estimates for obtaining necessary financial approval of the competent authority.
  3. To accord technical sanction for the works to the extent of Rs.60.00 lac and arrange to obtain necessary technical sanction from the Technical Advisor beyond Rs.60.00 lacs as per the decision of the Board.
  4. To float tenders for various construction works and to finalize the same after completing all codal formalities.
  5. To Award the Works and to enter into agreements with the Contractors/Firms/Architects etc.
  6. To ensure timely execution of works, inspection of works, exercise test checks, billing and make payments thereof.
  7. To monitor the working of the Assistant Engineers, Junior Engineers working in the Board.
  8. To process the Detailed Project Reports (DPR) in respect of the Centrally Sponsored Schemes.