Law Officer

  1. To deal with all court cases, service matters pertains to the organization, responsible for preparation of replies to writ petitions, Appeals, suits, tribunal matters, departmental inquiries, other notices, securitization of cases, imparting legal opinions, attend the High court, Tribunals, others courts in connection with departmental cases and other administrative matters.
  2. To facilitate the Hon’ble Chairman of the Board to adjudicate the statutory appeal/ revisions to the Government, announce judgment/decide the appeal/ representation prescribed under the Act/Rules/Statutes/Regulation/Legislation etc.
  3. To monitor the court cases and others cases in order to safeguard the interest of the Organization and to provide facilitation in legislation works, Agreements, contracts and MOU etc.
  4. To ensure proper maintenance of cases records, legal books and journals, notifications.
  5. To deal with the cases with regard to criminal prosecution, civil litigation, legal notices land acquisition cases, other claim cases, cases of civil miscellaneous nature, other departmental inquires and administrative matters in which the Government affairs are closely concerned directly or indirectly.
  6. To ensure to preparation of written statements, replies, rejoinders, process etc. for judicial /executive courts. Facilitate to impart legal opinions when ever required by the authorities, Screening of pronounced judgments, criminal and civil cases and interlocutory, interim orders of judicial courts. Preparing Appeal/ Revisions for Appellate court including court of judicature, Tribunal etc.
  7. To conduct the periodic review of all cases and to apprise the authorities for further action.
  8. Any other duties which may be assigned by the authorities from time to time.