Market Supervisors

  1. To exercise supervisory checks over the functioning of the Auction Recorders/Assistant Auction Recorders and ensure proper management of the markets and to report the contravention of the Act, Rules and Byelaws to the Secretary.
  2. To exercise supervisory check over the transaction of Agricultural Produce of the Traders in the Principal market yard, Sub Market yard and other market area.
  3. Accounts checking of dealers whenever required.
  4. To check the Annual return of sale and purchase and to maintain the trader wise record & to report the infringement, if any.
  5. To check the Register/ information maintained and supplied by the Buyer in FORM ‘M’ & FORM ‘N’ under rule 30 (4).
  6. To ensure proper checking of Return of daily purchase and sale on FORM ‘O’ under rule rules 30 (4) and 37 (1).
  7. To ensure proper collection, compilation, uploading & dissemination of all market information on prices, arrivals, dispatch, import and export etc.
  8. To collect Market Fee under proper receipt from all the traders in the Markets/ notified market area of the APMC.
  9. Any other duties which may be assigned by the authorities from time to time.