Secretary of APMC

  1. To convene the meetings of the Committee and the Sub-Committees, if any, and maintain minutes of the meetings thereof.
  2. To attend the meetings of the Committee and Sub-Committee and take part in the discussion.
  3. To take steps to give effect to the resolution of the Committee and of the Sub-Committee and report all actions taken in pursuance of such resolution to the Committee in the next meeting.
  4. To prepare the budget proposal of the Committee.
  5. To furnish to the Committee such returns, statements, estimates, statistics and reports as the Committee may from time to time, require including following in formations.
  6. To impose the fines and penalties on and any disciplinary action taken against the members or the staff and the market functionaries and others.
  7. To exercise check on overtrading by traders.
  8. To exercise check over contravention of the Act, the rules, the bye laws of the standing orders, if any, by any person.
  9. The work regarding the suspension o cancellation of License by the Managing Director of the Board.
  10. Functions pertaining to the administration of the Committee and the regulation of the marketing.
  11. To produce before the Committee books, registers and other document, as may be necessary for the transaction of the business of the Committee or the Sub-Committee, and also whenever called upon by the Committee to do so.
  12. To exercise supervision and control over the acts of all officers and servants of the Committee.
  13. To collect fees and other money livable by or due to the Committee.
  14. Responsibility for all money credited to or received on behalf of the Committee.
  15. To make disbursements of all money lawfully payable by the Committee.
  16. To operate, maintain and transact the Committee fund.
  17. Report to the Managing Director of the Board, as soon as possible, in respect of fraud, embezzlement, theft or loss of Committee fund or property.
  18. To prefer complaints in respect of prosecutions to be launched on behalf of the Committee and conduct proceedings, civil or criminal on behalf of the Committee.
  19. Any other duties which may be assigned by the authorities from time to time.