Superintendent Gr- 1

  1. To exercise general supervision and control over the ministerial staff of the Board/Market Committees.
  2. To mark deck to the officials concerned.
  3. To exercise proper check over the attendance register and office decorum.
  4. To deal with any matters assigned by the Managing Director/Administrative Officer.
  5. To put up weekly arrears reports in respect of the dealing assistants.
  6. To deal with inspection notes of the officers of the Board.
  7. Co-signatory for the cheques issued from time to time for payment of retirement gratuity/death gratuity in respect of the employees of the Board/Market Committees.
  8. To ensure that the Assistant Diaries   are maintained by all the dealing assistants in the Board/Market Committees.
  9. To ensure that various periodical returns/reports are sent to the quarter concerned and received from the field offices regularly with in the stipulated period.
  10. To deal with Assembly Business respect of the Board/APMCs during the Vidahan Sabha Session.
  11. To deal with Annual Confidential Reports of the Officers/Staff of the Board/Market Committees.
  12. Checking of Cash Book.
  13. Any other duties which may be assigned by the authorities from time to time.