About APMC

The APMC Bilaspur was constituted in May, 1979 under the Himachal Pradesh Agriculture Produce Markets Act 1969 (Act No. 9 of 1970) which has been repealed vide section 86 of the H.P. Agricultural & Horticultural Produce Marketing (development & regulation) Act, 2005 (Act No 20 of 2005) as assented to by the Governor on 25th May, 2005 for better regulation of sale purchase of Agriculture Produce and to provide better marketing facilities and information to the growers of the district. The area of operation of Market Committee was notified as the entire district of Bilaspur vide notification No. HMB-3/72 (ii) DT. 24 July 1973.

1196 square metre area of Govt. land at Bilaspur was transferred in the name of Agri. dept. for establishment of principal Market yard Bilaspur. This yard and building was constructed at a cost of Rs.2crores and got its completion in the year, 2002. The whole sale traders of fruits & vegetables’ were shifted from Bilaspur market to yard on 20th Dec.2002.

The building has 25 No. of shops out of which 10 shops are located on ground floor, other 10 are located on 1st floor and five other shops along with dormitory are located on the 2nd floor. Kisan rest house and the office of APMC is situated on the third floor. There are twenty small booths, situated on the 4th floor which is running as shopping complex of daily needed commodities. APMC has now constructed 27 booths on top floor for rehabilitation of retailers of fruits and vegetables. Market yard has essential facility like drinking facility, toilet block etc.

The Government of Himachal Pradesh has nominated 10 nos. of non-official members of the APMC, Bilaspur and Sh. Vivek Kumar, Producer Member is the elected Chairman of APMC, Bilaspur

The major functions of APMC, Bilaspur are as under:-

  1. Enforce the provision of the Act, the rules and bye-laws made there under in the notified market area.
  2. Establish a market in the market area and provide such facilities for persons visiting in connection with the purchase, sale, storage, weighment and processing of agricultural produce concerned as the board may, from time to time
  3. Do such other acts as may be required in relation to the superintendence, direction and control of market or for regulating marketing of agriculture produce in any place in the market area, and for the purposes connected with the matters aforesaid, and for that purpose may exercise such powers and discharge such functions as may be provided by or under this Act.
  4. Do all such other acts which may bring complete transparency in pricing system and transaction taking place in the market area.
  5. Maintain and manage the market yards and sub market yards with in the market area.
  6. Provide necessary facilities for the marketing and facilitate for the transportation of agricultural produce within the market yards and outside the yards and within the sub market yards and outside the sub market yards in the market area.
  7. Regulate, conduct and supervise the auction of notified agricultural produce in accordance with the provisions and procedure laid down under the rules made under this Act or byelaws of the committee.
  8. Provide for the settlement of all the dispute between the seller and the buyer arising out of any kind of transaction
  9. Levy, take, recover and receive rates, charges, fees and other sum of money to which the committee is entitled.
  10. Compound offences committed under this Act or rules and byelaws made there under
  11. Any other works under the Act to lead to improvement of Agriculture Marketing.

Future Plans of the APMCs.

Construction of new markets :

Sr No

Name of Work

Estimated Amount (Lakhs)



C/o Fruit & Vegetable Sub Market Yard at Jukhala Distt Bilaspur


Work Completed


C/o Grain Sub Market Yard at Majari  Tehsil Shri Naina Devi Ji Distt Bilaspur


Work under Progress


C/o Multi-utility Complex at Principal Regulated Market Yard-Bilaspur


Work awarded


Proposal of the SMY at Jhandutta Distt. Bilaspur


The Paper formalities are being completed.