List of the registered traders of APMC Una for the FY 2020-21  Name of the firm Registation no Type  Renewal/New Licence for Trader /C.A/ Buyer/ Seller
1  M/s Hussan Lal & CO  AGR/APMC/Una-042/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
2  M/s Amrit Trading Co.  AGR/APMC/Una-043/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
3  M/s Saini Fruit Co. AGR/APMC/Una-044/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
4  M/s DeshMukh&Co AGR/APMC/Una-045/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
5  M/s Sita Ram & Sons  AGR/APMC/Una-046/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
6  M/s Himgiri Fruit Co  AGR/APMC/Una-046/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
7  M/s Balkishan& Sons  AGR/APMC/Una-049/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
8  M/s Joshi Fruit Co. AGR/APMC/Una-050/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
9  M/s Himachal Fruit Co. AGR/APMC/Una-051/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
10  M/s Guru Nanak Fruit Co. AGR/APMC/Una-052/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
11  M/s Luxmi Fruit Co. AGR/APMC/Una-054/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
12  M/s Shiwalik Fruit Co. AGR/APMC/Una-055/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
13  M/s Om Fruit Co. AGR/APMC/Una-056/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
14  M/s R.N. Sharma &Co. AGR/APMC/Una-057/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
15  M/s Jai Ram DassPuran Chand AGR/APMC/Una-060/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
16  M/s Juneja Fruit Co. AGR/APMC/Una-061/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
17  M/s Sidhcharno Fruit& Veg Co.  AGR/APMC/Una-571/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
18  M/s Raman Kumar fruit Co.  AGR/APMC/Una-109/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
19  M/s Jaswal Fruit Co  AGR/APMC/Una-119/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
20  M/s Tilak Raj Fruit & Veg Merchants  AGR/APMC/Una-150/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
21  M/s Ram Dyal& Co. Mehatpur AGR/APMC/Una-159/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
22  M/s Shaboo Mal Ram Asra Mal  AGR/APMC/Una-164/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
23  M/s Om Parkash& Sons   AGR/APMC/Una-165/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
24  M/s Puri Fruit Co   AGR/APMC/Una-166/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
25 M/s Shiwalik Fruit Co. AGR/APMC/Una-171/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
26  M/s Luxmi Fruit Co. AGR/APMC/Una-172/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
27  M/s Saini Fruit Co.  AGR/APMC/Una-199/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
28  M/s  Shree Luxmi Trading Co.  AGR/APMC/Una-214/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
29  M/s Rajesh Kumar S/o Sh. Joginder Paul   AGR/APMC/Una-225/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
30  M/s Thakur Fruit Veg. Co.   AGR/APMC/Una-234/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
31  M/s Subhash Fruit Co.   AGR/APMC/Una-524/2017 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
32  M/s KishanDev Fruit & Veg.  AGR/APMC/Una- 258/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
33  M/s Shree Rudhrabhishek fruit & Veg.    AGR/APMC/Una-517/2017 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
34  M/s Sewasingh& Co.  AGR/APMC/Una- 260/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
35  M/s Balbinder Kumar Fruit Vegetable  AGR/APMC/Una- 266/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
36  M/s Ravinderkumar Fruit Vegtable  AGR/APMC/Una- 267/2008 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
37  M/s Shivambu International  AGR/APMC/Una-  277/2009 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer-processing
38  M/s Ramesh Chand & Co.   AGR/APMC/Una-313/2010 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
39  M/s R.K fruit Co SabziMandi Una  AGR/APMC/Una-382/2011 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
40  M/s Dharam Chand Fruit Vegetable   AGR/APMC/Una-405/2012 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
41  M/s Jai Ram Dass& Co  SabziMandiUna AGR/APMC/Una-412/2013 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
42  M/s Puran Fruit Co .SabziMandiUna AGR/APMC/Una-413/2013 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
43  M/s Balkishan& Co SabziMandiUna AGR/APMC/Una-414/2013 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
44  M/s Jai Shankar Fruit Co. AGR/APMC/Una-411/2013 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
45  M/s Shree Durga Fruit & Veg  AGR/APMC/Una-500/2017 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
46  M/s Ambey Fruit Trading Co   AGR/APMC/Una-421/2013 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
47  M/s Vansh sweet shop Ajnoli AGR/APMC/Una-434/2013 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
48 M/s Bunty Sabzi  Merchant  AGR/APMC/Una-466/2015 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
49 M/s Chaudhary Fruit Co.   AGR/APMC/Una-496/2017 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
50 M/s Jai MaaChintpurni Fruit Co.   AGR/APMC/Una-528/2018 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
51 M/s Shiv Shankar fruit and vegetable co. AGR/APMC/Una-537/2018 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
52 M/s Koundal Fruit company   AGR/APMC/Una-541/2018 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
53 M/s Kartik Fruit and vegetable Co  AGR/APMC/Una-563/2019 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
54 M/s Thakur Fruit and Vegetable co  AGR/APMC/Una-569/2019 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
55 M/s Mahadev Fruit co PMY Una AGR/APMC/Una-570/2019 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
56 M/s Balak Nath Fruit and Vegetable co. AGR/APMC/Una-589/2019 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
57 M/s Jai  Shankar Fruit and Vegetable Trading co. AGR/APMC/Una-573/2019 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
58 M/s Rajan Fruit Co Pull wala bazzar Una AGR/APMC/Una-584/2019 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
59 M/s Pawan Fruit Co. Gurusar Una AGR/APMC/Una-593/2019 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
60 M/s Mankotia fruit and vegetable Co  AGR/APMC/Una-586/2019 Fruit&Veg Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
61  M/s  Banka Fruit Co SabziMandi Una AGR/APMC/Una-619/2020 Fruit&Veg New C.A/Buyer/Seller
62  M/s Yamuna AlluCo.SabziMandi Una AGR/APMC/Una-623/2020 Fruit&Veg New C.A/Buyer/Seller
63 M/s Rana Fruit Co. Smy Santoshgarh AGR/APMC/Una-620/2020 Fruit&Veg New C.A/Buyer/Seller
64 M/s Dhiman General Store Una AGR/APMC/Una-001/2007 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
65 M/s Bihari Lal Sarishti Lal Puri Una AGR/APMC/Una-002/2007 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
66 M/s CharanDassAmrit Lal Una AGR/APMC/Una-015/2007 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
67 M/s Rana Agency &General Store AGR/APMC/Una- 041/2017 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
68 M/s Puri Trading Coi.Grain Market Una AGR/APMC/Una-076/2008 Food Grain Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
69 M/s Bharat Trading Co Grain Market Una AGR/APMC/Una-085/2008 Food Grain Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
70 M/s R.K. Trading Co. AGR/APMC/Una- 094/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
71 M/s Balle de  Hatti AGR/APMC/Una- 097/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
72 M/s Rattan Chand Surinderpaul AGR/APMC/Una-098/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
73 M/s Shiva Agro Food Ind. Gagret AGR/APMC/Una- 100/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
74 M/s Ghuggi di  HattiGagret AGR/APMC/Una- 102/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
75 M/s Rikhi Ram Parkash Marwari  AGR/APMC/Una- 111/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
76 M/s PremPiush& Co.  AGR/APMC/Una- 112/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
77 M/s Kumar Karyana Store   AGR/APMC/Una- 113/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
78 M/s Roshan Lal Ashwani Kumar AGR/APMC/Una- 114/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
79 M/s Jasbir Sing & brothers  AGR/APMC/Una- 115/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
80 M/s Anant Ram Shanti Saroop AGR/APMC/Una- 120/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
81 M/s Moola Mal Kishori AGR/APMC/Una- 121/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
82 M/s Ashok Kumar Satish Kumar Go Sawami AGR/APMC/Una- 122/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
83 M/s Om Parkash Raj Kumar  AGR/APMC/Una- 124/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
84 M/s Pawan Kumar & brothers  AGR/APMC/Una- 131/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
85 M/s Premi the Hatti AGR/APMC/Una- 142/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
86 M/s Balkishan Vijay Kumar  AGR/APMC/Una- 235/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
87 M/s Om Parkash Kamal  Kishore AGR/APMC/Una- 237/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
88 M/s  Brahma NandRameshwarDutt AGR/APMC/Una- 254/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
89 M/s Ram Lal Pawan Kumar  AGR/APMC/Una-288/2009 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
90 M/s PushkarDuvediKaryana Store AGR/APMC/Una- 306/2009 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
91 M/s Sukhdev Raj Hind Paul Gagret AGR/APMC/Una-314/2010 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
92 M/s J.K. Food Grain Market Una AGR/APMC/Una-330/2010 Food Grain Renewal C.A/Buyer/Seller
93 M/s Tilak Raj Ganesh Kumar  AGR/APMC/Una- 335/2010 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
94 M/s Nestle India LTD VPO NangalKalan AGR/APMC/Una-407/2012 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
95 M/s Amita Health Care Una AGR/APMC/Una-451/2015 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
96 M/s Tanish  Trading Co. Gagret AGR/APMC/Una-467/2015 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
97 M/s Himalyan Trading Co. Amb AGR/APMC/Una-475/2015 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
98 M/s Bhagat Ram and Sons Chintpurni AGR/APMC/Una-502/2017 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
99 M/s Puri Hardware Store AGR/APMC/Una-519/2017 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
100 M/s H.P. State Civil Supplies Jalgran AGR/APMC/Una-067/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
101 M/s Technical Assisstant Food Corp. Jalgran AGR/APMC/Una- 072/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
102 M/s   H.P. State Civil Supplies Corp Ltd Gagret AGR/APMC/Una- 106/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
103 M/s   H.P. State Civil Supplies Corp Ltd Amb AGR/APMC/Una- 125/2008 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
104 M/s Easy day club Hamirpur Road Una AGR/APMC/Una-526/2018 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
105 M/s Jai Ganesh Traders  AGR/APMC/Una-540/2018 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
106 M/s Om trading Co. Industrial Area Shivwari, Gagret AGR/APMC/Una-568/2019 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
107 M/s Deeksha trading co.  AGR/APMC/Una-574/2019 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
108 M/s Khanna trading Co. VPO BhairaTehAmb AGR/APMC/Una-582/2019 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
109 M/s Rayat Atta Chakki  AGR/APMC/Una-583/2019 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
110 M/s S.K Trading Co. AGR/APMC/Una-585/2019 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
111 M/s Jagdeep Electro Group AGR/APMC/Una-472/2015 Food Grain Renewal Buyer/Seller
112 M/s Karishan Lal & Sons AGR/APMC/Una- 108/2008 Timber Renewal Buyer/Seller
113 M/s  Raj Kumar Dhiman Mehatpur AGR/APMC/Una- 152/2008 Timber Renewal Buyer/Seller
114 M/s Anand Furniture Industries  Ajouli AGR/APMC/Una-194/2008 Timber Renewal Buyer/Seller
115 M/s Des Raj Satishkumar AGR/APMC/Una- 305/2009 Timber Renewal Buyer/Seller
116 M/s P.K.Timber Store Daulatpur AGR/APMC/Una- 343/2010 Timber Renewal Buyer/Seller
117 M/s Veena enterprises Hira Nagar Amb AGR/APMC/Una-388/2012 Timber Renewal Buyer/Seller
118 M/s Jaswal Trading co.Timber Store Amb AGR/APMC/Una-488/2016 Timber Renewal Buyer/Seller
119 M/s Ganesh Timber House  AGR/APMC/Una-491/2016 Timber Renewal Buyer/Seller
120 M/s Jai Baliji Traders V.P.O. Bhanjal AGR/APMC/Una-492/2016 Timber Renewal Buyer/Seller
121 M/s Deepak Plyboards s & Timber VPO Dilwan AGR/APMC/Una-440/2014 Timber Renewal Buyer/Seller
122 M/s  Shankar Trading Co. Mahesh Nagar Oel AGR/APMC/Una-278/2009 Katha Renewal Buyer/Seller
123 M/s New Janta Meat Shop Amb AGR/APMC/ina-126/2008 Meat Renewal Buyer/Seller
124 M/s Ramjanmohamad Meat Seller AGR/APMC/Una- 127/2008 Meat Renewal Buyer/Seller
125 M/s Rana Meat Shop Amb AGR/APMC/Una- 128/2008 Meat Renewal Buyer/Seller
126 M/s S.K. Kataria Meat Shop Mehatpur AGR/APMC/Una- 156/2008 Meat Renewal Buyer/Seller
127 M/s Janta Meat shop Mehatpur AGR/APMC/Una- 157/2008 Meat Renewal Buyer/Seller
128 M/s  Prem meat shop Gagret AGR/APMC/Una-351/2010 Meat Renewal Buyer/Seller
129 M/s Kuldeep Egg Store Andora AGR/APMC/Una-544/2018 Egg Renewal Buyer/Seller
130 M/s J.D. Dairy Gagret AGR/APMC/Una- 103/2008 Milk Product Renewal Buyer/Seller
131 M/s J. K. Dairy Mehatpur AGR/APMC/Una- 160/2008 Milk Product Renewal Buyer/Seller
132 M/s Luxmi Dairy Mehatpur AGR/APMC/Una- 161/2008 Milk Product Renewal Buyer/Seller
133 M/s Divya Agency Mehatpur AGR/APMC/Una- 397/2012 Milk Product Renewal Buyer/Seller
134 M/s Jung Bahadur S/o GirdharilalBoul AGR/APMC/Una-438/2014 Milk Product Renewal Buyer/Seller
135 M/s Dhruv Dairy village Lasinghi AGR/APMC/Una-535/2018 Milk Product Renewal Buyer/Seller
136 M/s Rana Food Co. V.P.O Basoli AGR/APMC/Una-603/2019 Milk Product Renewal Buyer/Seller
137 M/s Zira Foods Ind. Area Vill. Shampura, Tahliwal AGR/APMC/Una-600/2019 Fruit&Veg Renewal Buyer/Seller
138 M/s SD Fruit & Veg. Co. AGR/APMC/Una-614/2020 Fruit&Veg New Buyer/Seller
139 M/s Sucha Milk Dairy Jankaur Una AGR/APMC/Una-615/2020 Milk Product New Buyer/Seller
140 M/s Ajay Kumar Sandhu Food Corporation India Haroli AGR/APMC/Una-616/2020 Food Grain New Buyer/Seller
141 M/s Keshavi Fruit Co. Vill Bhaleti P.O Dohgi Bangana AGR/APMC/Una-617/2020 Fruit&Veg New Buyer/Seller
142 M/s Kewal Egg Store V.P.o Andora AGR/APMC/Una-618/2020 Egg New Buyer/Seller
143 M/s Krishana Fruit Co. Takarla AGR/APMC/Una-621/2020 Fruit&Veg New C.A/Buyer/Seller
144 M/s Fozi Fruit Co. Takarla AGR/APMC/Una-622/2020 Fruit&Veg New C.A/Buyer/Seller
145 M/s Maa Vaishano SD Fruit Co. Takarla AGR/APMC/Una-624/2020 Fruit&Veg New C.A/Buyer/Seller
146 M/s Mahadev Fruit co SMY Takarla AGR/APMC/Una-625/2020 Fruit&Veg New C.A/Buyer/Seller
147 M/s Malhotra Fruit & Veg. Takarla AGR/APMC/Una-626/2020 Fruit&Veg New C.A/Buyer/Seller