Who is Member?

'Member' includes the Chairman of the Board.

What is Market yard?

"Market Yard" in relation to a market area means a specified place and includes any enclosures, buildings or locality declared as such in any market area by the State Government by notification.

What is the meaning of Market functionality?

"Market Functionary" means a trader, a commission agent, buyer, hamal, processor, a stockiest, and any other person as may be declared by the State Government by notification, to be a market functionary.

What are Market Charges?

"Market charges" includes charges on account of or in respect of commission, brokerage, weighing, measuring, hamali (loading, unloading or carrying), cleaning, drying, sieving, stitching, stacking, hiring, gunny bags, stamping, bagging, storing, warehousing, grading, surveying, transporting and processing.

What is the meaning of Importers?

"Importers" means persons who import agricultural produce from outside India.

What is the meaning of Import?

"Import" means bringing agricultural produce from outside India.

What is the meaning of Hamal?

" Hamal" means a labourer, hamal or coolie engaged for dara-making, loading, unloading, filling, stitching, emptying or carrying any agricultural produce in the notified market area.

What is E-Trading?

"E- Trading" means trading in which billing, booking, contracting, negotiating, information exchange, record keeping and other connected activities are done electronically on computer network/ internet.

What is the meaning of Exporter?

"Exporter" means a person who exports agricultural produce.

What is the meaning of Export?

"Export" means dispatch of agricultural produce outside India.

What is the meaning of Contract Farming?

"Contract farming" means farming by a person called "Contract Farming Producer" under a written agreement with another person called "Contract Farming Sponsor" to the effect that his farm produce shall be purchased as specified in the agreement.
Explanation - "Contract Farming Producer" means an individual agriculturist or an association of agriculturists by whatever name called registered under any law for the time being in force.

What is the meaning of Commission Agent?

"Commission agent" means a person who on behalf of his principal trader and in consideration of a commission or percentage on the amount involved in such transaction buys agricultural produce and makes payment, keeps it in his custody and delivers it to the principal trader in due course or who receives and takes in his custody agricultural produce sent for sale within the market area or from outside the market area, sells the same in the market area and collects payment thereof from the buyer and remits the sale proceeds to his principal trader.

What is the meaning of Value addition?

"Value addition" means processing, grading, packing or other activities due to which value is added to agricultural produce

What is the meaning of Transportation?

"Transportation" means taking agricultural produce by push cart, bullock cart, truck or other vehicle in course of business for marketing from one place to another.

What is the meaning of Trader?

"Trader" means a person who in his normal course of business buys or sells any notified agricultural produce and includes a person engaged in processing of agricultural produce but does not include an agriculturist.

What is the meaning of Processor?

"Processor" means a person who undertakes processing of any notified agricultural produce on his own accord or on payment of a charge.

What is the meaning of processing?

"Processing" means any one or more of a series of treatments relating to powdering, crushing, decorticating, dehusking, parboiling, polishing, ginning, pressing, curing, cleaning, or any other manual, mechanical, chemical or physical treatments to which raw agricultural produce or its product is subjected to.

What is the meaning of Producer?

"Producer" means a person, who in his normal course of avocation, grows, manufactures, rears or produces, as the case may be, agricultural produce personally, through tenants or otherwise, but does not include a person who works as a trader or a broker or who is a partner of a firm of traders or brokers is otherwise engaged in the business of disposal or storage of agricultural produce other than that grown, manufactured, reared or produced by himself through his tenants or otherwise. Provided that no person shall be disqualified from being a producer merely on the ground that he is a member of a Cooperative Society. Explanation? The term "producer" shall also include tenant.

What is the meaning of Marketing?

"Marketing" means all activities involved in the flow of agricultural produce from the production points commencing from the stage of harvest till these reach the ultimate consumers, viz, grading, processing, storage, transport, channels of distribution and all other functions involved in the process.

What is the meaning of Buyer?

"Buyer" means a person, a firm, a company or a Cooperative Society or Government Agency, Public Undertaking/ Public Agency or Corporation, commission agent, who himself or on behalf of any other person or agent buys or agrees to buy agricultural produce in the notified market area.

What is the meaning of Business?

"Business" means purchase, sale, processing, value addition, storage, transportation and connected activities of agricultural produce.

What is the meaning of Board?

"Board" means the Himachal Pradesh State Agricultural Marketing Board established under section 3 of this Act.

What is the meaning of Agriculturist?

"Agriculturist" means a person who is a bonafide Himachali and owns and possesses land in Himachal Pradesh and who is engaged in production of agricultural produce by himself or by hired labour or otherwise, but does not include any market functionary.

What is Agricultural Produce?

"Agricultural Produce" means all produce and commodities, whether processed or unprocessed, of agriculture, horticulture, apiculture, sericulture, livestock and products of live stock, fleeces (raw wool) and skins of animals, forest produce and fisheries as are specified in the Schedule to this Act or declared by the Government by notification under section 19 of this Act, and also includes a mixure of two or more than two such products.