About APMC

The APMC Solan came into existence in the year 1975. Its Notified Area comprising whole of Solan Distt. and Rajgarh Tehsil of District Sirmour. 13 regulated Markets with modern marketing facilities have been constructed at Solan, Kandaghat, Dharampur, Chakki Ka Mor, Terminal Market Parwanoo, Jagjitnagar, Banalgi, Nalagarh, Ramshaher , Arki, Kunihar and Rajgarh. But, on March 2018 SMY Rajgarh was merged in to APMC Sirmaur and since then 12 regulated market yards is functioning under APMC Solan those details are as under:-

Sr. No. Name of Market Yard Year of Constitution/ Establishment Infrastrucure Raised Area Facility Available Major Arrival Sesonality Pattern Timing 
Particular Total Numbers
1 PMY Solan 2002 Main Building 10047 Sqm. Toilets, Bathrooms& Auto Sanitization machine  1.Tomato February to Mid of November 7 :00A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
      1. Ground Floor 1 No. Auction Plattform 12-41 Bighas   2.Garlic    
      first floor:     3.Peas    
      Rooms  9 Nos     4.Apple    
      Canteen:  1 No.     5.French Bean     
      Hall:  1 No.     6.Capsicum    
      2. Second Floor:      7.Cauliflower    
      APMC Office:  9 Nos.     8.Cabbage    
      Chairman office 1 No.          
      Meeting Hall:  1 No.          
      3. Third Floor:          
      Kisaan Bhawan: 7 Nos. 7 Nos.          
      Doormattry: 3 Nos. 3 Nos.          
      Secretary's Residence-  1 (two rooms set)          
      Chowkidar Room: 1 Nos. 1 No.          
      4. At Market Premises          
      Shops 52 Nos.          
      Booth  2 Nos.          
      Cold Store  1 Nos.          
      Godowns-  3 Nos.          
      Open space- 2 Nos.          
      Auction Platflorm-  2 Nos.          
      Check Post:   2 No. (Entry & Exit)          
2 TMY Parwanoo 23-11-1987 Total No. of Shops cum offices 122 62-19 Bighas Public Toilet 1.Apple July to Mid November 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
      Total Blocks 3(Block-A, Block-B, old Block)   Parking Area 2.Pear    
      Auction platform 1 No.(76.60x26.65)= 2044 sqm.          
      eNAM Hall 1          
      Check Post  1          
3 Chakki Ka Mor 1978 Shops 10 Nos. 25-05 Bigha NA 1.Tomato August to November 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
      Godown 4 Nos.     2.Peas    
      Booth 3 Nos.     3.Cauliflower    
      Rest Housse 3 Nos.     4.Ginger    
      Dormattry 1 No.     5.Capsicum    
      Office 1 No.     6.colocasia    
      Auction Platform 1 NO.          
      Chowkidar Room  1 No.          
      Toilet 1 No.          
4 SMY Dharmpur 28-06-2000 Shops 15 Nos. 1-00 Bigha NA 1.Tomato August to November 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
      Auction Platform 1 No.     2.Peas    
      Office 3 Nos.     3.Cauliflower    
      Rest house 3 Rooms     4.Ginger    
      Dormattry 2 No.     5.Capsicum    
      Chowkidar Room 1 No.     6.colocasia    
      Canteen 1 No.          
      Elect Pannel Room 1 No.          
      Toilet 2 No.          
      Bathroom 1 No.          
5 SMY Kandaghat 1983 Shop 3 Nos 10-17 Bigha NA Non Functional Non Functional  
      Rooms 8 Nos.          
      Auction Platform 1 No.          
      Godown 2 Nos.          
      Toilet 2 Nos.          
      Washroom  1 No.          
6 SMY Saproom 1984 Shops 8 Nos. 162 Sqm NA Non Functional Non Functional  
      Staff Quarters 2 Nos.          
7 SMY Arki 2000 Shops  3 Nos. 0-10 Biswa Toilet facility avialable Non Functional Non Functional  
      Rest House 3 Rooms          
      Chowkidar Room 1 No.          
8 SMY Ramshehar 1986 Shops 6 Nos. 2-19 Bigha Toilet facility avialable Non Functional NA NA
      Auction platform 1 No.          
9 SMY Sadhupul 2015 Shops 3 Nos. 1-19 Bigha Toilet facility avialable Non Functional NA NA
10 SMY Waknaghat 2016 Temporary Sheds/Shopa 10 Nos. 6-03 Bigha Toilet facility avialable Tomato February to November NA
            French Bean    
11 SMY Banalgi 2002 Shop 6 Nos. 1-00 Bigha Public Toilet Non Functional NA NA
12 SMY Jagjit Nagar 1992 Shops 4 Nos 3-19 Bigha Farmer rest house including toilet & bathrooms Non Functional NA NA
13 SMY Kunihar 1983 Shop 3 Nos. 2-00 Bigha   Non functional Buikding is Dismatleted and c/o new building work is in progress.
Rest house Rooms  3 Nos.
Chowkidar Room  1 Mo.

Achievements & Success Stories of the APMC

APMC Solan is come in the existence on 1975. Its notified area comprise whole of Solan District. Now, 13 regulated Markets with modern marketing facilities have been constructed so far at Solan, Kandaghat, Waknaghat, Sadhupul, Dharmpur, Parwanoo, Nalagarh, Chaki ka Mor, Banalgi, Ramshehar, Kunihar, Arki, Jagjitnagar where the provision of the Himachal Pradesh Agriculture Produce market Act. 1969 (Act. No. 9 of 1970), which has been repealed vide section 89 of the Himachal Pradesh Agricultural and Horticultural Produce Marketing (Development & Regulation) Act. 2005. Initially the income of market Committee was Rs. 49,874/-  during the year 1975-76 which has now increase to the tune of Rs. 6,98,19,660/- during the year 2020-21. 1047 Sq.mtr Govt. land at Kather Solan was transferred in the Agriculture department on lease basis for the establishment of Principle Market Yard. At Solan APMC has constructed a Modern Market with all required modern facilities with a cost of about Rs. 6.5 Crore in which facilities such as farmers rest house, dormitory, 52 Nos Shops and 2 Nos Auction platforms was completed in the year 2002. Since the establishment APMC Solan has achieved many Mile Stones. CCTV cameras, Display Boards, Electronic Balances, Assaying Lab, e Auction Hall, Farmers Help Desk facilities  were created in the mandi. Amenities such as Kissan Bhawan, Canteen, Water, Toilets, Parking etc. were also provided in the all mandies under APMC Solan. TMY Parwanoo is established in the year 1987 it is biggest Apple Mandi of the State.  In the year 2017 APMC Solan  was awarded with the  highest Prime Minister Award of Excellency for the successful implementation of PAN  e-National Agriculture Market Scheme on 11th  Civil Service Day at Vigyan Bhawan Delhi.
Achievements of APMC Solan

  1. APMC Solan was awarded by the Hon’ble  Prime Minister of India for ‘Best performance in Implementing e- National Agriculture Market (e-NAM)’ in the year 2017 on the occasion of ‘Civil Service Day’ at Vigyan Bhawan Delhi.
  2. India’s first District level e-National Agriculture Market Fair  & Famers Training Camp was organized at PMY Solan in which approx. 3000 farmers got benefited and  more that 70  progressive farmers, Commission Agents, Self Help Groups & FPOs, were honored with Momento.
  3. World Bank Project of 24. 96 Cr. for establishment of Apple Model Mandi at Terminal Market Yard Parwanoo.
  4. Rs. 9 cr. budget allocated for PMY Solan under JICA Project.
  5. 2.5 cr. financial approval for upgrading Mandi infrastructure at Waknaghat and Kunihar.
  6. PMY Solan ranks Second PAN India for e-payments using   e-NAM platform.
  7. Installation of Waste Management Plant at PMY Solan.
  8. 55 % more Peas business was recorded during pandemic COVID 19 due to the good governance of APMC Solan.
  9. 20.09 Cr. e-payment was made to the farmers through e-NAM Portal in FY 2020-21.
  10. State first ” FOOL MANDI” established  at Terminal Mandi Parwanoo.
  11. With the Collaboration of FCI , APMC Solan has started “Wheat Procurement Center” at SMY Nalagarh.

Future Plans

  1. Proposal of establishing Herbal Mandi at SMY Banalgi.
  2. Set up of Food Grain Procurement network at SMY Nalagarh because of heavy arrival of commodities like Paddy and Maize.
  3. Building up India’s First Flower Mandi at TMY Parwanoo.
  4. Strengthening of Road Network for better connectivity between farmer fields and Mandi.
  5. Establishing Grading/ Packing units at different market yards.
  6. Proposed Market Yards :-
  7. Sub Market Yard Dosarka (Dharampur) Distt. Solan, H.P.

Infrastructure required: Tomato Processing Unit, Shops, Office, Toilets, Staff residences, Canteen and Cold Store.

  1.  Sub Market Yard, Kandaghat, Distt. Solan, H.P.

Infrastructure required: CA & C.S. Stores, Shops, Office, Toilets, Staff residences, Canteen and Cold Store

    • 01 No FCA Case is pending under APMC Solan i.e. Doosarka (Dharampur), Distt. Solan, H.P.
    • Work under World Bank Project is under process at Terminal Market Parwanoo.