About APMC

APMC Sirmour Was established in the Year 1976 having 1 Principal Yard & 8 Sub Market Yards,2 Inter and 1 Intra state Check Posts.


Name of Yard

Facilities Available

Major Arrivals

Seasonality Pattern


PMY Paonta Sahib

Auction Platform, Shops, Toilet Block , Farmer Rest House , Garbage Disposal Unit,e-NAM Lab

Green Peas,Beans,Cauliflower,Capsicum etc.

March To November


SMY Nahan

Auction Platform, , Toilet Block ,Farmers Rest house

Cauliflower,capsicum,Green chilli,Tomato etc.

June To November


SMY Dadahu

Auction Platform, Shops, Toilet

Ginger & Garlic

May to Feb


SMY Rajgarh

Auction Platform, Shops, Toilet Block , Farmer Rest House

Green Peas,Capsicum,Garlic etc

May to July


SMY Khairi

Shops, Toilet Block

Tomato,Capsicum,Beans etc.

June To August


SMY Sarahan

Shops, Toilet

Tomato,Capsicum,Beans ,Corianderetc.

June To August


SMY Sataun

Shops, Toilet Block


Nov. to December


SMY Bhagani

Non Functional



SMY  Bagthan

Auction Platform, Shops, Toilet Block ,

Green Peas,Capsicum,Garlic etc

May To August






Major Achievements of APMC Sirmour in the last three years

  1. SMY Rajgarh which is the part of Distt. Sirmour,but came under the APMC Solan from last 3 decade has been integrated in APMC Sirmour in 2020.
  2. Modernization of PMY Paonta Sahib by word Bank.
  3. Construction of SMY Gandhuri is going on.
  4. Apprx. 29,000 Qtls of Wheat has been procured for first time ever in the Year 2021.

Future Plans of the APMC

  1. Setting and exploring of various other avenues of income generations like Setting up of CA Stores , Grading and Packing Units,Paddy Sheller & Solar panel.
  2. Allotment of vacant shops in the yards.
  3. Revision of Rates of Shops Rent.
  4. Inviting of commission agents working in outside of our yards to the yards
  5. Establishing of new market Yards in HaripurDhar,Timbi.
  6. Procurement of Paddy.